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Hello, wonderlandians. Happy Monday! I am doing a tag today. I had no idea what I wanted to post. So you guys are getting two different tags this week. I don’t call this Madness Monday for nothing.

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Got this awesome tag idea from Lost in a Story. Go show her some love on her blog. It’s amazing.

As you guys know I am working on Project Odette. I’m very sorta hush hush about this project. Reason being is that this story is very close to my heart. It needs to be done in the right way. I feel like taking about it to soon will jinx me.

What is your current WIP about, and what’s its status? (ie. plotting, writing, editing, etc.)

Project Odette is about OCD and the struggles of living with it. I’m still writing and editing the stage.

Do you plot things out and/or outline, or just figure it out as you write?

With this project I have somewhat outlined. I have a list of all the chapters that I want to write about, but that is as far as it goes.

What are some book ideas you want to write in the future?

I would love to write a story about some Irish folklore. I have one in the process about mermaid and witches.

Out of the characters you’ve written so far, who are your favorites?

I have written some awesome characters that I have loved. The one that stands out to me is Max. I love him so much. He is protective over his sisters. He is the funniest character that I have ever written. He wields the element of earth. So when he gets in trouble or he forgets his sisters birthday he will show up with a diamond to make up for

What’s your writing routine, if any? (ie. snacks, music, time of day, location, etc.)

I usually am listening to a playlist that I have put together. I can write at anytime of the of the day. My everyday life is pretty busy. I work two jobs. So when I get the time is when I write.

Show your WIP’s aesthetic in images or words (or both)!

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What (or who) motivates you to write?

This story was motivated by the fact there are not enough stories about people and OCD.

What do you find is the easiest part about writing? The hardest?

I find that the easiest thing about writing is that once I have really good story idea I go in on it at full force. The hardest is writers block and never finishing the stories that I have started.

What genre will you never try, and why?

Contemporary. I don’t really read it.

Share a tiny (or large) snippet/excerpt of your writing, if you’re comfortable!

When I look at my childhood I see two very different scene play out before me.

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Monday Madness + Project Odette

Hello, wonderlandians. How is your Monday going? Yesterday started Camp NANOWRIMO. I’m shitting my pants.

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This year as you know I am writing project Odette! It’s currently the only thing on my mind. I finished another chapter last week. This week alone I am on track to finish two more chapters. This makes a total of 7 chapters and 1 letter done. The books is going to be made up of 17 chapters and 5 letters.

I have ten more chapters to write. So that is all I have been really doing writing. It feels so good. It had been a long time ambition of mine to write a book. This though is not a fiction book everything that I am writing about has happened and currently is happening. This first draft is probably the best thing I have done in really long time. It’s something for me and something that I feel will help a lot of people.

While going through this whole writing journey it’s getting me excited for all of my future projects. These are going to be fiction books. Things that I have made up. Where as with Project Odette nothing in this book is going to be made up. This book is not going to be comfortable to read. I know that the topic of mental illness is still a not really talked about. While OCD is talked about but in the wrong light. There are so many different aspects of this disorder that a lot of people really don’t understand. It is not just about cleaning, washing, checking, counting, and hoarding. There is so much more. In my book I talk about one that a lot of people suffer with and keep quite about. To this day I am so scared to talk about with people who don’t understand that would be everyone outside my family. I know what it can look like. This is why I need to write it.

Sorry for going off on a tangent are you doing Camp NaNo? Let me know.

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Project Odette Update #3? Plus A Video To Watch…Maybe?…. If You Want To.

Hello, wonderlandians. I need to start this post by saying that I am so so so sorry to everybody. I open the last 3 weeks on Sundays have been super lazy and not been posting a damn thing. Again I am so sorry. My back for the last few weekends has hurt tremendously. Today is no different in fact I think I have Messed my back up even more somehow. I don’t know how I did it. I was told I needed to restrict movement but also move. It really makes no sense I swear. Today I decided to venture out into the jungle of people that is in the world. I would rather be in an actual jungle where the unicorns are. I need to be with my children at some point. I’ve got like seven of my kids here in my room with me. So today I decided I wanted to go to the bookstore because I was missing two books by E L James to complete my sort of Fifty Shades of Grey collection. I was missing Fifty Shades Freed with the movie cover and then darker. And I got a milkshake and chipotle and apparently by walking around for an hour I have somehow managed to make the pain move my back. I have no idea my life is just a mess. I am in 80-year-old woman trapped in a 26-year-old body.

In other news though I have gotten to 4000 words and project Odette which makes me super happy. I think in April when it is Camp NaNoWriMo I will be going full on with this project. When it comes to things like camp NaNoWriMo and NaNoWriMo I have always the best of it touch it but it never pans out the way I wanted to. I think that gives me a total of 2 full chapters done but I also have little bits to the book that aren’t in chapter form. I personally think this is a really cool set of how I have it. So I have the book in chapters but then I also have personally the letters to people in my life. I really wanted this book not only to be very personal to me in the fact that I do have OCD. I wanted this project to also include certain people in my life so I have written letters to go into the book itself. I think it is a really really cool idea.

Last year I read Amy Schumer’s autobiography. I ride Lily Collins autobiography and that was such a cool audiobook to listen to. I also listen to Lilly Singh”s Book called How to be a Bawse.So listening to all of those books on audio have really given me an idea of how I want my book to be laid out. And then listening to Howie Mandel’s book got me thinking of how I wanted to approach the topic of Obsessive-compulsive disorder.Sadly I’ve asked unicorn children if they would give me some of their unicorn magic to write this book and they told me no. It’s fine I don’t need their unicorn magic I can write this book myself okay. It just makes it harder.

In all seriousness though this book is going really well and I’m so excited for the fact that I’ve hit 4000 words is insane to me. It’s great I’m so excited and I’m so happy where this book is headed. The fact that I am writing about An issue that is not very widely talked about at all makes me happy. Also terrified because I am so afraid that nobody’s going to understand the topic at hand because it goes so much more than the obsessive-compulsive disorder itself. Well, I do talk about OCD and the whole spectrum of it. I will be talking about a very small section of obsessive-compulsive disorder that I don’t think a lot of people know about. Which can be taken very very wrong if not done properly. But seriously you can Google the s*** out of it and It is very real. I was city that I will be talking about in this book I have personally had in my life and I had to deal with it for over 10 years of my life.I’m going to provide a link to a video that I did a couple of years ago I want to feel like 3 or 4 years ago that has to do with my OCD story. Click it go watch it if you guys want to maybe I’ll give you some idea where I’m coming from with this book.

That video itself just really scratches the surface of what I want this book to be.

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Monday Madness – Sunday Night Post – Project Odette

Hello, wonderlandians. How is your Monday going? So I have a post that I should have put up yesterday but I was spending the day with my boyfriends family. So this is going to be a update on my writing. I

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Seriously, this is how I feel when I comes to my writing right now. I am not burnt out by it. I am just having a really hard time figuring how I want to word everything. It’s the most frustrating thing. As I said in my other post this book is very personal to me. I need to get to wording just right.

Any newbie authors out there struggling with this issue? The topic that I am writing on is kind of a taboo one being that it is mental health. I love this topic and this book. I have wanted to write it for 7 years. I am having doubts about my book. I don’t want to offend anyone. At the same time why should I care? This is my book.

I have written a whole new chapter this week.

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Project Odette?

Hello, wonderlandians. How is your Sunday going? Are you guys ready for the start of a brand new week? I know I am so not ready for it to be Monday. I have had such an awesome day today just lounging around and reading. I did have to do some shopping for my house. Grocery shopping and other things. Today I wanted to talk to you guys about a project that I had mentioned previously in other posts. I have been wanting to write a book for an extremely long time. I’ve got five different projects in the works when it comes to book ideas period this one book but I’m talking about is something that is so personal to me and I’ve wanted to write it for the last 7 years. I have not had the courage to sit down and put my thoughts to paper. I figured I’m going to be 27 this year and I thought it was finally time to get my story onto paper.

I’m working on a project and I know a lot of authors give their projects names. I figured I would give my whole writing idea the name project Odette. I know that that doesn’t make sense right now but it is a very fitting name for this project. So I I am going to be doing Sunday post is kind of writing updates for the week. My goal is to have the first draft of this book done by July. I’ve been working on it since November of last year and I maybe three or four chapters done. It’s going to be a 17 to 20 chapter novel.

The reason I’m so nervous to put this kind of book out into the world is that it’s a bit controversial it has to do with the topic of mental illness. The topic of mental illness has been such a taboo topic my entire life that I have been so afraid and ashamed of my mental disorders. I’m not normal by the society’s standards and it’s very scary. I’m always afraid that somebody is going to discover that I have obsessive compulsive disorder. That’s someone’s going to discover the fact that I have depression or really bad anxiety. To me that is such a shame. somebody who suffers with any kind of mental disorder shouldn’t be made to feel they’re not normal. Even to this day, I am so afraid that somebody is going to figure out that I have OCD. I’m very comfortable with the fact that I have obsessive compulsive disorder and if somebody has a question for me about this disorder I am willing to educate I’m willing to discuss this topic. A lot of people aren’t educated on the topic as you guys know I was listening to a book by Howie Mandel about his obsessive compulsive disorder. And something that he said in his book really resonated with me. He was afraid that when he let it spill on a late night TV show that he had excessive compulsive disorder that it was going to be the end of his career. After the show happened there was a guy who came up to him and said hey are you Howie Mandel and he answer yes. He thought he was going to get criticized because of the fact that she has this disorder. In fact, it was the complete opposite of fact the person he met on the street also had obsessive compulsive disorder period for the first time in his life he realized that he wasn’t the only person to suffer from this. In fact, there’s over 3 million adults in America alone who suffer from this disorder. There are over 1 million adolescents who suffer from this disorder too. If people would just educate themselves then I myself wouldn’t have felt so incredibly scared for people to find out. I decided a couple of years ago that I was done hiding the fact that I had obsessive compulsive disorder. I made a video on my YouTube account called My OCD Story.It was probably the most empowering moment that I’ve ever had when it came to my disorder.

Anyway if you guys couldn’t tell the book is going to be about obsessive compulsive disorder and I really don’t want to go too much more into it. a lesson that I’ve learned through this whole experience is that when people do find out that I have OCD there really curious about what the disorder really is. I’ve been asked a ton of questions, yes some of them are extremely personal but I try my best to answer.

Okay, guys, I’m going to end of this post here because I’ve been rambling for a really long time.

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