Series Review – It’s Not a Over and Just Get Started

Hello everyone. I’ve just wanted to say I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve had a review go up. I’ve had a lot of scheduled content going up lately that I pre-scheduled earlier in January and I am quite thankful that I was that prepared because at the end of January my fiancé and I got some news that has been life-changing. I will do a whole blog post on that probably in a month or so. We are just not ready to share that information publicly. I do have a review for you guys today over two books so it’ll be a mini review. I want to give a huge thank you to give me book promotions. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have gotten these two amazing books and I highly recommend them.

So each of these books were written by Keylee Ryan and Lacey Black. Set this review is gonna be a little bit different because I want to talk about both books together. This duo is new for me. I have read Miss Ryan books before but I’ve never read miss black books before. So the combination of them writing was magical. You get really sucked in to each story line. I am definitely one for audiobooks more so than e-books nowadays but I got sucked in right away. This is how you know that these authors have true ability because as someone who does prefer audiobooks I did get sucked into the E books to where I wouldn’t put them down for hours. And that’s bad because I’m a college student so schoolwork. In the first story it’s a second chance romance and you absolutely fall in love because it’s not your typical second chance romance. Harrison and Winnie are such a beautiful couple and you can see the true love that they have for each other. Then on the flipside of that you have Gabby and cheese who are more so I hate to love if you will. Gabby and Chase don’t really get along. Chase is to be considered that of a playboy but he really loves Gabby deep down. It takes a minute for Gabby to To see Chase as something other than a playboy and I really appreciate all the effort that these amazing authors went to the craft these amazing stories.

Once again a big thank you to give me book promotions for sending me the arcs. This review is no way influenced by the fact that I did receive advanced reader copies. All opinions on his books are my own and that is not going to change because I receive these books