Driven Movie/TV Show Review

Hello, wonderlandians. How are you? I have been so absent this month. I am getting ready for next month because I am back in school. So I am trying to get books reviewed for you so I can have review out to you while I get situated in my new routine. I also have some topics that I want to talk about next month. Now I want to talk about the book to movie now TV show Driven by K. Bromberg. You guys can click the blue link where the word Driven is highlighted. There you can read my review and thoughts on the book.

On to the review…

I am very thankful to Passionflix because without them I would have not known about this wonderful book series. If you have read my review on the first book you will know that I was hooked on this series from the first book. I also mentioned that when I was reading I got some vibes from the Fifty Shades of Grey book. These books as well the Fifty Shades of Grey movie have nothing in common with the Driven TV show. The only similarities I can see are these. Colton believes he has a 747 truck full of baggage.  While Mr. Grey says that he is fifty shades of fucked up. Both men think that they can only have one type of relationship. Colton likes his arrangements just like Christian. It just takes that one woman to break down those walls. To me though this is where the similarities stop at least for the book.

Now when it comes the actual contents of the TV show I get a whole different vibe. Yes, they are still but the vibe is different. This really is such a roller coaster of emotions.


Passionflix  (which I will be doing a whole separate post about in the very near future) is a new plate form much like Netflix but it is for romance novels to be turned into movies. I have to say out of all the movies they have done I have only read two of the books. The adaptions were very spot on.

Everything with the Driven TV show has been spot on in every episode. Olivia and Derrick play their parts really well. Everything you read in the book they translate it to the screen. One thing that I am always worried about when someone tries to take a book like Driven which is so to me emotionally driven. Olivia and Derrick on screen have so much chemistry. Every happy moment and every gut wrenching moment you feel it ten fold just like you do in the book.

This is a series and a service I would recommend over and over again. Passionflixs is amazing and what they’re doing with book to movie adaptation or even booked a TV show adaptation is amazing because it’s taking books that are well loved by fans and turning them into a different medium.














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