Audiobook Review – A Royal Shade of Blue

Hello, Wonderlandians. How are all of you? I know I post very sporadically on this blog lately. I’m done apologizing for it I have come to terms with the fact that I’m gonna post when I feel like posting. I have not abandon this blog but I am wholeheartedly more on Instagram these days with my school schedule. So no I cannot apologize for not posting because of school. But I am here today to do a review for you guys on a really great book called A Royal Shade of Blue. Now this book is written by Aven Ellis.

Let’s get into this review. I first needed to apologize to the lovely people who sent me this book Audiobook worms. Thank you guys so much for sending me this book again I apologize that this review is up super late. I’ve been having some issues with my WordPress as well as my emails. So now on to the book a review. This book was super fun it really was a modern-day royal tale. Miss Ellis is a new author to me. Is there a reading with the book was such a joy. Her writing is really funny. I haven’t read it really good at contemporary in a really long time. So this was definitely a refreshing change from some of the things I’ve been reading lately. We have our main character Clementine and our royal prince Christian. Their story is just so cute. When I first started reading this book I honestly thought of a Cinderella story and how they were texting and they didn’t know who they were to each other in the book they are actuallyDM’ing each other overOver Instagram and I thought that was a really cool twist to this story. I really don’t want to give too much away because as they say in all of my reviews I really think this is a book that you should go into not really knowing that much about it just like I did.

This book is read by Andrea Emmes. She is a new narrator to me and she was very pleasant to listen to. Now Andrea did have to go into another accent. Prince Christian is from the British rail line so she had to put on a British accent and to be honest it did kind of take me out of the story just a little bit. Doing a different accent is very difficult if you don’t live there. But I really do appreciate the effort that Andrea put into making each character sound different and I know how difficult it is to read an audiobook or at least I can imagine so I am just excited to listen to more books by her.

The overall quality of the book was really good and I have no complaints. It sounded very professional and there were no awkward pause or gaps or anything like that.

This book was sent me an exchange for an honest review. This in no way and have it my opinions my opinions are my own. Thank you audio book worm promotion with providing me this book.

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