From #CockyGate to #CopyPasteCris

Hello, wonderlandians. I wish I was coming to you with some better new today. I was just scrolling through Facebook as one does in the morning before work and I came across a post in one of the groups that I’m in for book lovers. It would seem that Romancelandia is in an uproar again.

If you remember from last year. A romance author by the name of Faleena Hopkins tired to get the word Cocky copyrighted so no other author was able to use that word in the title of their book. She went as far as to send out cease and desist letter to authors. Needless to say this back fired on her big time. A lawyer who is now an author came out of retirement to help to authors who were hurt by this and to offer legal advise. Thankfully Faleena came to her senses and dropped the whole thing.

Now we are seeing something worse come about. There is a “Romance Author” by the name of Cristiane Serruya. She is now known in Romancelandia as #CopyPasteCris. Cristiane has copied full passages from popular romance authors.

Image from KJ_Charles on Twitter.

They highlighted part is just a few authors that she has copied from. You want to know the funny part of all of this. She is a lawyer in her day job.

Author Courtney Milan wrote a blog post which you can read by click blog post. I found all of this out at 7:30 am EST. For a lawyer it’s a pretty ballsy move to copy other people work. Really it’s pretty ballsy for anyone to do. Courtney Milan called her out in a blog post as well and on twitter.

Image from Courtney Milan twitter.

This was posted last night at 11:27 pm.

Then this morning Cristiane responded to Courtney Milan and Tessa Dare.

Images from @CrisSerruya

People of Romancelandia where not having it. It seems not only was she copying from authors but from websites like The Knot for cake recipes.

Cristiane has responded and is in the process of taking the plagiarized work down.

If you want to follow what is going go on twitter and follow #CopyPasteCris.

There is much more going on here. Follow the thread. There is so much evidence. I’m not making this post to shame anyone. I just want to bring attention to this.

Will you be following this? Let me know your thoughts.

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