Release Party!

Hello, wondelandians. I’m very excited because today is the day I have been waiting for since my life began or so it seems. I have not been this excited for a book to come out since Richelle Mead published the last book in the Vampire Academy series 

The book I’m talking about is…

The Obsidian Shard by Kristy Nicolle! 

OMG here we go are you excited? I know I am. 

The Obsidian Shard: A Dark Urban Fantasy Romance (The Ashen Touch Trilogy Book 3) by [Nicolle, Kristy]

One month has elapsed since Pandora turned out the sun, and things in the Mortal World are shifting as though something dark is just on the horizon. Sephy has been patrolling the streets, preventing demon attacks when she can, but things at the estate fall deeper into chaos with every passing day.

Luce is beyond reach, consumed by both grief and the darkness, and while Xion feels like he owes her the help she once gave him, he’s beginning to wonder if she’ll take it. Then, with the discovery of a solution to tame Lucifer’s darkness emerging from their joint past, the cogs of fate begin sputtering into motion.

For you see, Pandora might have the throne, but she still doesn’t possess the undying loyalty of the Demon Lords, and with an unexpected visit from The Higher Plains, Pandora begins to realise she needs power of her own to truly grasp her revenge.
Will Sephy, Xion, and Luce thwart her pursuit of the destruction of all they hold dear? Or is the sacrifice they are expected to pay to maintain the balance of worlds just too great?

You guys can get her books here Amazon Kristy Nicolle

Today is the release of this beautiful book. 

Thank you for joining me here in out little part of wonderland. Please don’t forget to feed the unicorns on your way out. 

Until next time 

Much love 

Happy Reading 


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