Book Review – The Opal Blade And The Onyx Hourglass

Hello, wonderlandians. Today I have book review for you. I am so excited about this book. If you follow me and Instagram I have been posting about this book a lot. The author is a new to me author. She is very sweet. I have been talking with her daily in her author group. I must say the time that she dedicates to talking with her readers is amazing. I can’t say enough good things about this author.

I would like to state that this going to be a double review. So I will be reviewing the first book in the series as well as the second book in the series. As I know that my second review isn’t going to be as long as my first one. Because it is the second one in the series so I don’t want to do any kind of spoilers.

Lets get on with the review.

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When Sephy Sinclair is forced to sign a contract taking over her father’s business empire, she’s not happy. What she doesn’t know though, is that in having her Father’s legacy thrust upon her, she’s about to discover the secret lives of her parents, and most importantly that her lineage is steeped far deeper in ancient myth and magic than she ever anticipated.

Journey, with Sephy, through The Hollow and find yourself among the sinners of Mortaria, The Underworldian City ruled by a council of Gods made mortal. Here, she will seek sanctuary beneath a purple sun and vermillion sky, ruled by Haedes, a man broken beyond repair by an incident far too close to home.

Unfortunately for Sephy, it is Haedes alone who can teach her how to wield her newfound powers. Will he overcome his personal loss in time to save Sephy as she is hunted by the Demon Lords of Ancient, or will Sephy be used as a bargaining chip to bring Mortaria to its knees?

This book is perfect for those who love the style of Anne Rice, Jodi Picoult, and Angela Carter- including supernatural elements mixed in with high fantasy detail and stunning romantic storylines, which intertwine seamlessly to create a gothically dark otherworldly experience like no other.


Image result for the opal blade kristy nicolle


I really enjoy this cover I think it represents the content of the book while. Once you’ve read the book you will understand how the cover definitely plays into it. A lot of the time I see you covers that don’t have anything to do with the book and I think the person who made the cover and the author did a really good job of combining a vision and creating something that perfectly suits this story.


Let me start off by saying that this book is thick. Okay. We are talking 487 pages thick. It is a big book. If big books scare you as they do me most of the time don’t worry this is an easy read. Now I need to say that this book get very descriptive. I tend to stay away from books that get very descriptive because tends to bore me. I will be honest here. With that being said I don’t really read fantasy books. So this book took me a really by surprise. When I started reading it I couldn’t put it down and it takes you on this wild ride of emotions. There is so much that happens throughout the entire book that I don’t want to spoil anything. One thing that I do like is there is four Points of view from this book. Typically when an author times to write with that many points of use a lot of them I feel are unnecessary but I think to this story it is 100% valid for the author to put all of these characters together. Now I will say there was one perspective that wasn’t my favorite and I didn’t really connect with. The four characters are Sephy, Zion, loose who is Lucifer, and Pandora. The one that I have to say that I didn’t really connect with and honestly could’ve done without was Pandora. Although her point of you is kind of crucial to the story.

The one perspective I wish we could’ve gotten what is Hades in this novel. I absolutely love his character his dialogue is amazing. But I will go into that more when I talk more about Haedes.

Kristy does an amazing job of giving you a world. Yes there is a lot of world building. This is a fantasy novel people so get over that fact. I didn’t find myself getting bored at all with the world building because the way she writes it really does paint a picture and it plays out like a movie in your head. The way she describes the characters and the scenes it’s like she’s putting you there. So every point of you that pops up you are that character. That is a very hard thing to do in my opinion and the fact that this is an author who is Is relatively new to the scene is incredibly impressive to me. She has written 10 books and I think a year and a half. She has become one of my auto by authors anything she puts out I will buy it. Every book in her series is interconnected in some way shape or form so with every book you read it builds upon this Intricate world that she is building. She is working on the third book in the series. I will have my review for the second book down below so you guys can check that out as well. I felt they are doing a double review for this would’ve been a good idea because I don’t want to ramble. I will say the ending of this book it guts up.

Image result for Madelaine Petsch gifI honestly think that the girl who plays Cheryl from Riverdale would be the absolute perfect person to play Sephy. Anytime I picture her character this is who and my head is playing the character. Madelaine Petsch is perfect for the role. She plays a sassy and fiery character on Riverdale

There are three other characters in the book that I can’t really honestly picture anybody playing them. That would be Pandora Lucifer and Xion.

Related image

I picture Micheal Keaton as Haedes. Anytime that I read his dialogue he pops into my head. This character is so funny. Everything about him is comical. Thought I think of the Disney Hades. Michael Keaton plays beetle juice and to me at least that is the closest I can think of Haedes. I love it so much.

Honestly, I would recommend this book wholeheartedly so please go pick it up and support those are there she is one of the sweetest people that I have met. She’s very humble and her work is absolutely incredible.


Book Two

Now before I get into this part of the review book two was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. I have bought the book for myself as well. I believe in the author and just because the book was sent to me I have purchased my own copy with my money to support Kristy. Receiving the book in exchange for a review in no way changes my opinion of the book and I will be honest with you as I always am.

Image result for kristy nicolle

It’s been six months since Xion and Haedes began their search for The Book of The Dead, and with the arrival of a warning from above, they know they can’t be far from their goal.

Meanwhile in Mortaria, Luce and Thane are left scrambling to keep things running, putting their relationship under more strain than ever before and making Luce question her ability to wield the dark magic she finds so alluring. Then there’s Pandora, who has been quiet ever since that night at the colosseum, but why? Demon numbers are seemingly decreasing, and yet animalistic murders in downtown Chicago, which are leaving local authorities stumped, seem to indicate a shift in the way the Demon Lords are operating from the traditions they have observed for thousands of years.

Can Sephy be brought back?
And if she can, will she return as the sassy, sarcastic Sephy Sinclair we all know and love, or will something else entirely return from beyond the grave?



Now this cover is awesome and once again once you read the book you’ll understand the cover. It fits right in. It’s sort of mimics the first one which I like it’s the covers are consistent so if you have the paperback copy of the book then it’ll look great sitting on your shelf. The cover design or did an amazing job.


So book two. What can I say about books to buy this review is going to be about how this book made me feel. Reason being it is a second book and I don’t want to give any spoilers away. It’s like one good thing happened and then all hell breaks loose please excuse my Pun. I’m sorry while reading this book I wanted to throw my iPad across the room. It’s not a bad book at all quite the contrary it is a really good book. It builds and gives you more information from the first one. I found myself crying within the first three chapters of the book. Now is an author can make me cry within the first three chapters of a book this author is worth looking out for it. It takes the right kind of all there to invoke such emotions from me. And that’s what she does. Now we get all the same perspective is that we get in the first novel. And I said in the first book I really didn’t care for Pandora’s point of you. But as we get into the second book her point of you-you really should understand her character a little bit more and why she does what she does. I’m not gonna give it away by you really start to feel for this character.

I really don’t know where to go with this review because I have so many emotions where is this book in towards these characters and our main characters Sephy She goes through so much in this book and I really want to hold her in my arms and comfort her but I also want to slap her.

Lucifer goes down a dark path in this book. And you question why she’s doing it honestly I think she is having a bit of a mental breakdown in this book. After being warned her so many times to not go down there specific path she does and it really kind of makes you feel for her as a person. I was reading a review for the first book and something really resonated with me and I for the life of me cannot remember the name of the reviewer but the reviewer had said that the author makes the characters human. And I wholeheartedly agree with that statement.

The whole basis of the story is to look at Greek mythology in a brand new way. One of the ways the author does a semi see this in the first book is taking a typical banshee and making them into an animal instead of a woman with pale skin and screaming. I honestly like the fact that Kristy is not afraid to kind of push those boundaries and make up new creatures out of the ones that we already know. It’s not that she’s disrespecting the banshee or the history of it it’s honestly putting a new spin on it. And I haven’t seen a lot of authors do this. At the same time as I mentioned up earlier in the post I don’t typically tend to read a lot of fantasy so if this is something that fantasy all there is to do please let me know so that way I can crack myself. I’ve read a couple fantasy books but never anything to this extent.

Her writing from the first book to the second book is very consistent honestly it doesn’t feel like you’re taking a break at all. Both books are out right now actually so once you finish the first book you can go right into the second one. Jumping into the second book because there is that six-month time get out it is very easy to ease back into the book. The world, in all honesty, it’s like you’re coming home. Because the first book takes you on such an adventure that once you jump into this one it’s like you are returning home to family. I love when books do that especially sequels. There’ve been some sequel is where I came back to it I was like what’s going on if you like almost a different story to me but that’s not the case with this.

I hope you have enjoyed both of these reviews.

Thank you all for joining me here in our little part of Wonderland. Please don’t forget to feed the unicorns on your way out.

Until next time

Much love



27 thoughts on “Book Review – The Opal Blade And The Onyx Hourglass

  1. Your review has me wanting to break the goal I set this morning not to buy new books until I read the ones I already own 😂


  2. What a great in depth review. I really get a sense of the books, and how passionate you are about supporting the author. Always good to see 🙂


  3. I have read Something Blue by Kristy Nicole, Her covers are stunning. Can you believe she does them herself. I look forward to reading this trilogy myself


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