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Hello, wonderlandians. Happy Thursday. I hope all is well. So if you have not heard about the infamous #CockyGate well I have a post for you which you can read here. If you guys don’t care then I should have a book review up soon. So please check back later.

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Cocky Gate has been going on for now five days. I swear to you all hell is breaking loose in the book world. If you are just now tuning in for the whole thing let me give you a quick run down of what is going on. A romance author by the name of Faleena Hopkins has trademarked the word “Cocky”. Which is really absurd. A lot of romance authors use the word “Cocky” in the titles of their books. Now this came about because one of her reader when to buy her book but ended up buying another authors book instead. They had the same title. Now I find it hard to believe that a reader would not check to make sure of the authors name before buying a book.

Faleena has been sending out C&D letters to authors telling them that they need the change their book title or she will take legal action. Then things get even crazier as she took a more aggressive approach and went straight to Amazon claiming copyright. Amazon started taking down books with the word “Cocky” in the title. Later do we find Amazon and Goodreads are taking down reviews with “Cocky” in the review.

There is a retired IP lawyer who has been helping with all of this by challenging the trademark his name is Kevin Kneupper. You can go to his twitter and he as a lot of great information on the legal side of this.

A blog that has a great recap of everything that has gone down is NASTY GAL BOOK REVIEWS they also have the almost two hour long video that Faleena put up on her facebook page. Since it has gone up Faleena has deleted her Facebook page altogether.

So here are the top three books to come out of Cocky Gate 2018


Taleela Lewis is a successful author – so much so that she tries to trademark the word “Shifter”, to force out the plethora of other authors using the same word.

Little does she know that one of the holdouts is a sexy man who knows where she lives – and decides to pay her a visit, to try to resolve the issue in person.

And the tension between the two explodes, resulting in Taleela learning for the first time what it really means to submit in safety to another’s control.





This totally original book is about a cock…sure man who is caulky, cocked up, and above all else, confident. He lays it into a lady real good, and leaves her satisfied(c).
This is a totally great comedy erotica story that in no way infringes on a certain word, no sirree, not at all.


“Mark Meyers, tall and handsome. He has a chic yet casual suit on. His face is like something I’ve seen in a magazine—in fact, I could’ve sworn I’ve seen it a thousand times, like it’s been on a lot of book covers because that’s something any reasonable person expects when they purchase a non-exclusive license. He just has that stock photo kind of face.”


The lady garden between my legs, which was dry as the Sahara, Gobi, and all the other deserts combined, moistens up like a nice angel food cake at Mark’s words. It’s a real slick roast beef situation down there if you know what I mean.”

“Between it all, hanging between his legs, is a thick piece of sumthin’ sumthin’ that has the word [CENSORED] taped over it in black tape.”

Matt Cockalorum quit his job in finance to follow his dream of becoming a romance author. His books are turning the publishing industry on its head with their originality and changing things for the better with their sexy and unique covers, titles, and character names.

At least they would be. If he could sell any.

It isn’t Matt’s fault. His books are great. His covers are fantastic. But his ex-favorite writer Nelson Storm is stealing all of Matt’s readers.

Nelson’s books are the reason Matt wanted to become a writer in the first place. No one writes kinky gay romance like Nelson Storm… except Matt, of course. But Nelson never responded to any of Matt’s fan mail, and now Nelson’s bestselling new book Naughty Dogwalker is a total rip off of Matt’s book Naughty Doorman.

Sort of.

They have similar titles, that’s for sure. And what are the odds of two different romance novels both featuring characters who are chefs? Not very good.

After several snifters of brandy, Matt’s ready to exact some writerly revenge. He sets a disastrous drunken plan into motion that finally results in Nelson Storm responding to him.

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

But now that he has Nelson’s full attention, Matt is about to get way more than he bargained for. And exactly what he deserves.

There are a lot more books out there and here is a link to a twitter thread with at least 9 of the books including links to three listed above.

Cocky Gate Parody Book List

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