What I’m Reading Wednesday

Hello, wonderlandians.

So today is what I’m reading one day is kind of a crazy one. I am currently in a self-induced 24-hour read-a-thon. So there are two books specifically I need to get done for a review. One of the books was sent to me back in February but I’ve been slowly reading because of the content of the book and I can 100% tell you the book is going to gut me. It’s really good so far I think I’m almost halfway through the book but with every passing page I know I will probably end up crying so I’m trying to hold on as much as I can. And the other book I meant to get done last week but a lot of personal stuff going on. So my reading over the last week I haven’t really been doing or I’ve been reading book take my mind off of what’s going on. So the two books that I need to read are more happy and content so I needed to be in a right mindset to get these book done and finished because I know I will probably be in another reading slump after reading these two bucks so sadly I am trying to procrastinate finishing these books the reading them little by little kind of help. Last week what I’m reading Wednesday I put a book called Somebody’s Daughter and that’s one of the books that I’m currently reading. That was sent to me but I did end up buying the audiobook to support the author. I’m really enjoying the audio I’m switching between all Three of the different formats that I have. So Today I but I completely just smashing through that book. One thing that I’ve noticed about these two bucks in particular. Oh, I haven’t even mentioned the other name of the other It is called when love isn’t enough.

So each book at the end has questions that goes through the entire book that you can answer. I think that’s actually really cool because both of the books deal with sort of having your content that goes into everyday life.

When Love isn’ enough deals with meeting the right person at the wrong time and everything that can happen when trying to be friends with somebody that you are in love with but it doesn’t really work out. Also it deals with what a guy feels so much loyalty to one girl but he’s in love with another one that is kind of stringing the girl that he’s in love with a long but there’s so much history between him and his current partner that he feels he stays with her out of loyalty is actually it. So I have been dissecting And analyzing this book thoroughly because it does deal with such a topic and the question that are in the book have really intrigued me so I’ve known people that just happened to so for me this kind of is a more of a sensitive subject because I’ve known people who have gone through this. One thing I will always say about situations like these and you may not always agree with what the people are doing and I completely agree that it is wrong for the kind of string along the girl that he wants to be with and just stay with somebody out of loyalty and because you feel like you have to stay with them. When you know it’s over you should do that person a favor and leave. I don’t want to go into any more specifics of the book kind of the gist of it. I will go more in-depth. So as I was saying you really don’t know what you would do until you’re put in that situation so judging other people is never really a good thing to do.

Now, so the other book Somebody’s Daughter I have my theories about what is going down in the book. I think the book has to do with the mother getting raped. I’m not quite sure I do know that there’s a series of events that happen with one of her twin daughters that kind of brings back all these memories of when she was a teenager. This book Talks about oversharing in today’s society with all of the social media all that’s going on in the world. So I’m definitely intrigued to find out what happens in this book and how both eras of life kind of company in this one book.

Somebody's Daughter by [Weinstein, Rochelle B.]

Here is the question for today what are you guys reading and are you guys doing Dewey’s 24-hour read-a-thon on Saturday. Unfortunately, I’m going to be at work so I will not be participating in this one that is why I’m doing a 24-hour read-a-thon.

As always thank you guys for joining me here in our little part of Wonderland. Please do not forget to see the unicorns on your way out they are loving all the visits that you guys are giving them.

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