Book Review – Challenged

Hello, wonderlandians. Today I have a book review for you guys. I have been cranking out the books lately just listening to book after book at the book. As well as reading books that have been sent to me for review. I think I am finally out of my 2-month reading slump. Thank God because it has been killing me not being able to. So we are back with the biker book. I stopped with motorcycle clubs.

As always what starts off with the cover.

Challenged audiobook cover art


I am really enjoying this cover in particular. We got the hot guy on the Bike and he is smoking. I love the fact that this cover is red. I have noticed that was a lot of the books I’ve been reading lately the covers have either like an ombre color shift to them or just of some kind of color. That really makes a cover stand out. If I were to see this book on a bookshelf in a bookstore I would definitely be drawn to it because it definitely pops and stands out from other books in the bookstore. So whoever came up with this design did a fantastic job.


I get what’s mine.

As the gun lay heavily in his hand, the weight of it was nothing compared to the pressure his father had put on him and the Vipers Creed Motorcycle Club year after year, dragging them all down in the process.

Cade had two choices: the club or his father. The club won.

It took a particular kind of man to kill his blood, but Cade had always believed in doing what was right for the club. To him, it was a small sacrifice to make things normal for him and his brothers. Then, when Trixie strode into his club, his normal was shot straight to hell.

Nobody steals from me.

When an employee stole from her, Trix Lamasters could have let it go. She could have let the thief fade into the background and chalk up the missing cash as a loss. She was Trix, after all – she always landed on her feet. But that wasn’t her style. She was too stubborn, too damn proud. No one stole from her and lived to tell about it.

With pride, though, came consequences, and Cade Baker was hers.


This was a different kind of empty book that I have not read before. I have really been in the mood for more southern-based motorcycle club book. I just so happen to stumble upon this one first and I really enjoyed this book. We have a dual perspective going on here.

Let’s talk about our mean girl first. Her name is Trix or Trixie. Her character is one that I really love reading about. She is a total badass. Now Trixie is the owner of a strip club called Sirens. I thought it was super funny because I’ve been super into mermaid books lately and the fact that her Club is called Sirens was kind of cool. Now Trixie Loans the money out to one of her girls and unfortunately the girl and the disappearing. This is what really kicks off the story and where we meet Cade (Spook). Now Buch is your typical alpha male. He’s in charge he lets everybody know it and if it’s not done his way he’s going to have something to say about it. The one thing that I did find and what I do find with a lot of our alpha male characters is that when it comes to the girl that they love they have a soft side to them.

I really like the overall writing style of this book. I felt it was very quick to get into and her me if a book doesn’t grab me rather quickly then I know it’s not the book for me. I was hooked within the first scene. The pacing of the book overall with super quick and one thing that I ended up really liking was Trixie never changed who she was to fit in with spook. If anything I found that Trixie was changing spook but for the better.

Now I did read this as an audiobook and so I would really like to talk about the two different narrators for a minute. They were Mason Lloyd, Kendall Taylor. Mason Lloyd I really like how he ended up reading for our male main character. He has a very nice smooth and rough voice. So I found listening to him wasn’t really a chore or struggle. The one thing I do find with men reading is sometimes they can make the girl sounds a little ridiculous. I really didn’t have that issue with Mason Lloyd. Kendall Taylor I really like her voice as well. I find that if I stumble upon her reading another book I will definitely snap it up. I love when I go into a book with new narrators and end up coming out the other side really truly loving both of the narrator’s. Sometimes I find that I like one over the other so this was a real treat that I found that I like both.

One thing though that I did find to be a little weird is there are in the book where it kind of goes back into the past and I think because I was listening to the audiobook it wasn’t very pronounced in the book. I’m sure if you were reading it would be much more obvious. Something to take into consideration but overall I would recommend this book whether you got it in physical, ebook, or audiobook I do highly recommend this book overall. I do know that there is one more book in the series that I have yet to get to but when I do I will definitely update you guys on what I think of the book,

As always thank you guys for joining me here in our little part of Wonderland. We are growing so fast. Please do not forget to feed the unicorns on your way out there loving all the attention that you guys have been getting them lately.

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