Monday Madness + Project Odette

Hello, wonderlandians. How is your Monday going? Yesterday started Camp NANOWRIMO. I’m shitting my pants.

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This year as you know I am writing project Odette! It’s currently the only thing on my mind. I finished another chapter last week. This week alone I am on track to finish two more chapters. This makes a total of 7 chapters and 1 letter done. The books is going to be made up of 17 chapters and 5 letters.

I have ten more chapters to write. So that is all I have been really doing writing. It feels so good. It had been a long time ambition of mine to write a book. This though is not a fiction book everything that I am writing about has happened and currently is happening. This first draft is probably the best thing I have done in really long time. It’s something for me and something that I feel will help a lot of people.

While going through this whole writing journey it’s getting me excited for all of my future projects. These are going to be fiction books. Things that I have made up. Where as with Project Odette nothing in this book is going to be made up. This book is not going to be comfortable to read. I know that the topic of mental illness is still a not really talked about. While OCD is talked about but in the wrong light. There are so many different aspects of this disorder that a lot of people really don’t understand. It is not just about cleaning, washing, checking, counting, and hoarding. There is so much more. In my book I talk about one that a lot of people suffer with and keep quite about. To this day I am so scared to talk about with people who don’t understand that would be everyone outside my family. I know what it can look like. This is why I need to write it.

Sorry for going off on a tangent are you doing Camp NaNo? Let me know.

Thank you all for joining me here in our little part of wonderland. Please don’t forget to the unicorns on your way out.

Until next time

Much love


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