Book Review – The Haunting of Hattie Hastings Part 1 and 2

Hello, wonderlandians. I hope you guys had an amazing Saturday and I know that this review is coming up super late tonight which I am completely sorry for. Let’s just jump right into this review.

Quick disclaimer I am doing 2 reviews in this post and that’s will be of part one and part two of this book series called The Haunting of Hattie Hastings. The first book I did purchase myself and the second book was given to me for a review. everything in this review is going to be absolutely honest. So without further Ado let us talk about the first book.

But first y’all know that we got to talk about these two different covers. They are very aesthetically pleasing to look at. When I look at the book and intrigues me and it wants me to buy it. Honestly I’ve been really into the simple cover look lately. If a designer can take an author’s concept and put it into a very simplistic design and get the point across on what that book is going to be about I think they nailed it. In all honesty I’m both of these covers are amazing.

Image result for hattie hastings

Image result for hattie hastings

I went into this book very excited about the content. I love short stories that I can read within a short amount of time. While I was on Amazon it said that the time was just a little over 3 hours. So I was super excited I have been having a really bad reading month in terms of books I want to finish. I really do think I overdid it in January and just burnt myself out a little bit. so I love anything that has to do with ghosts the supernatural or the Paranormal. I thought that this could be right up my alley. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to say that I ended up giving this part two star rating. I really did enjoy the overall writing style and the dialogue of this book. Since this book though is 90 pages long I felt there was a lot of information being thrown at the reader that was probably a little unnecessary. with all the extra information I really feel that the book could have been a little bit longer. When dedicating the whole chapter to somebody’s backstory really, in my opinion, wasn’t the best option. I feel but some of the backstories just weren’t needed for the short amount of pages that this book was. So I would have been a lot happier if it was longer.

My favorite characters in this book are definitely Hattie and her husband Gary. I love their Dynamic. Hattie really reminds me of an old 40s or 50s Housewives. She does have a job at a coffee shop which is really cute. I can definitely say that the coffee shop it would be somewhere I would want to go take a book and read. Hattie Really hates any kind of profanity and they have a swear jar in their kitchen. not saying that Hattie is an anyway uptight she’s just not as go-with-the-flow other husband is.

the one thing I really love about Gary himself is that he adores his wife. Unfortunately, Gary ended up losing his job so he’s kind of become a stay-at-home dad in a way. One night Daddy comes home from work and she is trying to clean up the house because their son Johnny who has recently dropped out of school is kind of a slob. So Hattie Picking up the house and she’s getting ready to take the garbage out when Gary tells her that she’s been working all day that she should just go upstairs take a shower and just relax and he will take the garbage out for her. While Hattie Is upstairs getting ready for bed Gary takes out the garbage and all Hattie here’s is something crashing into her husband. So Gary and the dying and good majority of the book is Hattie grieving the death of her husband. Then out of the blue Gary shows up and is back from the dead. So chaos ensues and how do you trying to convince her best friend cat that her husband is back. Since this book is super short I don’t want to go too much into it because you know spoilers.

So let’s get on with the second part of the book.

So I’m currently about 41% through the second part of the book. And I have to say a lot of the chapters not a lot of three or four I did scam so far. I find this book does tend to jump around a lot from character to character to character. This book is written in third person so well I can understand and appreciate the author wanting to fit in as much information as possible and with third person you’re able to jump from character to character. Honestly I feel that it really doesn’t work out in this particular situation I feel like that I’m missing a lot of different information. Although I have to say the consistency between both is actually really amazing. The dialogue is on point. Hattie and Gary are two of my favorite characters.I can say that this particular part of the story has a emotion factor to this. This part is really pulling at my Heartstrings. So while I do think that those parts one and two do have a lot of information that for something that is so short could have been put into something longer this author really does know how to really pack a punch when it comes to the emotional side of a story. That is one thing that I admire about any author. If an offer is going to write a somewhat kind of novella and yes I do consider these to be novellas and they can entice from me a very strong emotional response than the author and my opinion has done their job. I will update you guys when I have fully finished the book. Okay so to be completely honest I did end up giving the rest of the book. Really only stopping to read main plot points and dialogue. Honestly, I’d have to give this entire series that I’ve read so far are two stars. Maybe a two and a half because the author is really good at pulling at my heartstrings as I’ve already said. This is what saying just because I skimmed it wasn’t a good read. I was laughing and I shed some tears. I have found with a lot of the books that I’ve been reading lately I’ve tended to skim read things that I really didn’t feel worse about important or there was just way too much description. When I come to a book that I like it’s got to be very character-driven and dialogue-driven. If it’s just moving through a plot which this book does I find that a kind of loses my attention a little bit and I have to skim over those beds but I’m really good at picking up the really important parts did carry me on to the next story. I did enjoy this story or at least this part a lot better than the first one. So I’m actually really excited to see what part 3 has to offer.

I know that this particular is in a different format than my other reviews as I did get him a lot of this book. It just kicked around a lot I would definitely end up recommending this book to anybody who likes quick, short, and funny reads. I will definitely be purchasing the third part when it comes out just to see how this comes to a conclusion. The ending to this Does end on a cliffhanger but I find one it’s one that I like and intrigues me to get to the next point.

I really do hope that you guys enjoy this review I  strive to be completely open and honest in every review that I do on this blog and this was no exception. So I do have a question do you guys skin books if there’s a slow part or the part of the book that’s just about capturing your attention? Please leave me a comment down below so that way I know I’m not the only one who does this.

Thank you all for joining me here in our little part of Wonderland. Please don’t forget to feed the unicorns on your way out.

Until next time

Much love


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