What I’m Reading Wednesday

Hello, wonderlandians. How are you today? I hope all is well. I have not recovered from vacation. Thank you to everyone for the welcome backs. I did miss my blog over the last few weeks. These past few weeks has been mad.

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I have gotten engaged and I went on vacation so my attention has been else where. I know I keep saying that. I do feel bad about that. This blog is one the only things keeping me sane. It’s like a journal for me or at least I think a journal can be therapeutic. I don’t really keep one of them. Yesterday was on the worst days since getting back. Stressful! I wanted to rip my hair out.

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All day yesterday. So you can imagine what my reading has been like. I can’t stick to one book. Which sucks because I have books that I have to get done for review and ones I just want to finish.

Here are the books.

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The Haunting of Hattie Hastings Part One: A ghostly, gloriously witty feel-good romance with a liberal dose of comedy. by [Davis, Audrey]

When Love Isn't Enough (SOUL MATES Series Book 1) by [Casher, Stephanie]

There is probably more. What are you guys reading? Let me know.

Until next time

Much love



20 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Wednesday

  1. Congratulations on getting engaged and I’m glad you had a great vacation (and now you just need a vacation for your vacation right?)
    I hope you get to finish your books soon


  2. I’m right there with you. I’ve been blaming the weather. I’ve been trying to get through A Boy and His Ribbon by Pepper Winters for a while now. It’s so good, but I’m finding I can only read a couple chapters at a time.


  3. Congrats on the engagement! I have had the same problem this month because of everything going on in life.


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