Life Update + I Messed Up

Hello, wonderlandians. I hope you guys are doing good. First off I want to start off that I have been so distracted this past week. My latest post on Tuesday was not suppose to go up. I have been trying to prescheduled post. I really want to do that tag. Those were not my answers. I meant to go back change the answers to that of my own. I will be redoing that post. So I want to say that I am sorry!

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With my vacation being next week I was already distracted. I knew feel that I am overwhelmed. I have talked about my boyfriend on my blog in the past. We have known each other for the past 10 years. We have officially been together for the past 5 years and last week on March 3rd he has asked me to be his wife.

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Vacation + Engagement = Distraction Overload!

This is why I have not been very active on this blog. I have not really been responding to comments. I really need to focus and buckle down and get my head back in the game. I have a feeling that will take a couple of days. I will get there.

This is the update. I am going to redo the answers and repost. I am so sorry.

Thank you all for joining me here in our little part of wonderland. Please don’t forget to feed the unicorns on your way out.

Until next time

Much love