ReReadAThon Annocment

Hello, wonderlandians. I have a much different post for you guys today. I am so excited to announce that I am one of  21 different hosts for this awesome new read-a-thon. It was created by Merphy NapierAs I said I’m only one of 21 different hosts. We are going to be having 7 bloggers, 7 booktubers oh, and 7 bookstagrammers. Here comes the absolute crazy part of this Rita. We are going to be having 3 people every single day of the week between March 18th – 24th Hosting a giveaway. So you will have three chances to win an awesome prize. So that will be 1 blogger, 1 booktuber, and 1 bookstagrammer.  within the whole week, you will have a chance to win. each one of the 21 hosts are going to be giving away one book. 

I do believe that they’re going to be a few people giving away gift cards instead of one particular book. There are going to be 4 different challenges that you can do throughout the week. I will list them here.

Readathon Challenges:
Reread an old favorite
Reread a recent favorite
Reread a book to give it a second chance
Reread in preparation for a new release 

Every day of the week is going to have a different theme to it. I am so excited that this read-a-thon is going to be happening. Please go follow the official Twitter page for the read-a-thon and don’t forget to turn on the notification so that way you don’t miss anything. There are also YouTube videos on the Twitter announcing what day each person is going to be hosting. I will be doing March 23rd and my theme for the day is going to be rereading old favorites but in a new edition.

Here is a list of people who will be also hosting on my day.

Bookstagramer:: Bookgoil – First Reread
BookBlogger: wonderlandiansbooks – Old Fave New Edition (re-reading different editions of faves)
Booktuber: Kira from shollyday

Featured Blog:
Featured Instagram: @bookgoil
Featured Booktube:
Go follow them and make sure that you enter their giveaways as well as mine. I will be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card. Which I am really excited about.

I will have more information as we reach closer to the dates. Who will be joining?  

Thank you all for joining me here in our little part of wonderland please don’t forget to feed the unicorns on your way out.

Until next time

Much love




34 thoughts on “ReReadAThon Annocment

  1. I am so overwhelmed trying to keep up with new releases I wish I had time to pick up an old favorite – excellent idea though!


  2. Great post and a great idea, but unfortunately I won’t be able to do this readathon I have a lot of new books to review for blog tour etc. But it does sound like a lot of fun! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.


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