Top Three Thursday – Fears I Have About Writing

Hello, my wonderlandians. Today I wanted to try something different with my Top Three Thursday. I am over here writing but I have all of the doubts in the world about it. I know that every writer has doubts when they are starting a new project or revisiting a project.


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What if I work so hard on this book and it does not sell or everyone hates it? As I have said this book is going to cover some really deep and personal things for me. Another worry of mine. What if people don’t understand? I know the topic of mental illness can be a bit taboo because of the stigma surrounding it. I live with OCD and there are millions of other people.

What if people think I am freak? This has generally been a worry of mine since I was a teenager. As I have gotten older I have been able to push it the back of my head. Though the further I get into writing this novel it is fighting its way back to the front.


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This one is a hard one for me. Dealing with the topic that I am I always feel like I am not good enough. I worry that I am not good enough to write a story on OCD even though I have it. What makes me good enough to write about it? Then i have to remind myself that I am good enough.


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So I am just going to power through. I can’t let the fear run me.

Thank you all for joining me here in out little part of wonderland. Please don’t forget to feed the unicorns on your way out .

Until next time

Much love



17 thoughts on “Top Three Thursday – Fears I Have About Writing

  1. I completely get this. Today I launched an E-book that’s an educational companion to my children’s book, and it was like crickets. Lots of likes, but no actual sales. I got pretty down on myself about it this afternoon, and then I remembered that I’m building something from my heart and it takes time. And not everyone will ‘get’ it, like it, or believe me qualified enough to write about it. But maybe if people don’t ‘get’ us, they’re not our tribe and that’s ok. I try to remember to envision the people who DO get it. Who are asking for it to be in the world, and send my energy to them. And when I let go of my fears about money or things going exactly my way, things open up. Don’t give up, and just be you. I’ll try and remember that for myself as well!


  2. I’m right there with you. I can’t even count how many stories I’ve written that no one will read. It’s terrifying. With that said, I’m a social worker by day so when I’m on work time I read a lot of books about things relevant to my job like mental illness. Let me know when yours is out and you’ll have at least one reader 🙂


  3. Hi, Ashton, how are you?

    I loved your post. It’s super honest and the fears you have are normal in most writers, let alone in someone writing on something so personal as this topic is to you.

    A piece of advice you might find helpful is to continue to write, no matter what. Even if it’s just for you. Keep writing! When you have a manuscript that you feel is finished, you can reach out to people who is also dealing with OCD and enjoy reading, and ask them for an honest opinion. If they feel they can relate, what would they change, etc.

    Don’t worry about publishing or people reading your book right now. That’s a worry to come 😉
    AND the wonderful thing about modernity, is that you can self-publish and promote your book among people who will actually enjoy it. And if you can reach out at least one good reader, you’ll feel amazing ♥


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