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Hello, wonderlandians! It is Tuesday…

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It is so true though. I have a busy load today at work so this will have to be brief. I got this prompt from Dreamland Book Blog.

I am going to be picking three books that I want to see be turned into a movie.

Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

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Vampire Kisses 1-9

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Bite Me

As you can see I love my vampire books. I would love for more to be made into movies. These are books that I have read and loved. They read just like a movie. So this is why I have chosen these three.

Thank you for joining me here in our little part of wonderland. Please don’t forget to feed the unicorns on your way out.

Until next time

Much love




22 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday – Book to Movie Wish list Tag

  1. All new books to me so I’ll have to check them out but OH how wonderful would it be for our favorite books to be movies! *sigh* I’d love watching them all lol


  2. All new books to me. I don’t really like when books become movies. I have this vision in my head and movies tend to ruin that.


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