Top Three Thursday – Character’s I’d Like to Be Best Friends With

Hello, wonderlandians. Welcome back. Yesterday I was off my blog due to illness. Sorry I was not replying to your comments. You guys are so incredible with all the interaction and all of your loveliness! Thank you.

Today’s topic I really love. It made me think of all of the books I have read. So I have my three well four fictional best friends. I got this prompt from over at The Broke and The Bookish. This was difficult for me to choose. I have so many books that I love.

3 Lia Nautilus – Mer Chronicles

Image result for Lia Nautilus Mer Chronicles

Anyone who says they don’t want to be best friends with someone who is related to the Little Mermaid is just straight up lying! First of all you get to me a mermaid. I am already Queen of the Sea so I could just order her to be my best friend.

2 Kat Bishop – Heist Society

Kat Bishop - Heist Society by kt-grace

Art by kt-grace on devian-art

A band of kids who just go all over the world and steal things back for people. Sign me up. Kat is like my little sister/best friend. You read her story and fall in love. I have been waiting for years to have movie and more books come out. Ally Carter I am looking at you for more books. Please?


1 Rose and Lissa – Vampire Academy

She is so bad-ass. Rose will do anything for Lissa. Her goal is to protect her. Even if that means from herself. They two GIFs that are up above are of the two lovely ladies that play Rose.

Zoey Dutch who plays Rose in the movie which ended up bombing in theaters. No matter how hard the fans tried to get another it going again it did not work.

Take the lady on the right that is Jenn Studnicki. She plays Rose in the web series that was created by a fan for the fans. Her name is Ashleigh. It is such an awesome web series. It is now in its second season. They are currently on the book Frostbite.

Now we move to Lissa! You can’t break up this pair.

Lissa’s in the book series goes through a lot of character development. So does Rose but Lissa deals with mental illness and so do I. I relate to that on a deep level.

We have Lucy Fry she played her in the movie. She is one of my favorite actress.

Then we have Ashley Lynn Blair. She has help direct, write, and produce the show.

You just have to love their friend ship.

Watch both season here

Vampire Academy Officially Unofficial Fan Series.

Bound by Shadows – Frostbite Fan Series.

Thank you all for joining me here in our little part of wonderland. Don’t forget to give the unicorns a treat. You will get to fly high in the sky with them.

Until next time

Much love




22 thoughts on “Top Three Thursday – Character’s I’d Like to Be Best Friends With

  1. Definitely agree with Rose and Lissa! They’re awesome and everything from their friendship to their development through the series is outstanding and I specifically like TVA for them mostly 😀


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