Monday Madness – 24 in 48 Hour Read

Hello, wonderlandians. Okay first off I just want to say that I am so sorry that there was not a post yesterday. My goal is to have a post-op for you every single day if not multiple. As you guys know I did the  24in 48-hour readathon. I have to say that it was a lot of fun and I did get about 6 hours and 44 minutes of reading. Now, this was all self-sabotage. I was going to stay up until 12am and read as much as I could before I fall asleep. Unfortunately, that didn’t end up happening and I ended up falling asleep before the time started and I slept until 11am the next day. so I already got 11 hours of sleep. I needed to wake up and unfortunately, I got sucked into Sabrina and the next thing I knew it was 4 in the afternoon and I hadn’t read a single book. I did, however, get to Red and done with it so I’m really happy about that got my book count out to 17 books this month alone.

I know for a fact that they’re going to be a lot more readathons this coming month and I’m signing up for a few of them. They are week-long readathon so I will have a lot more time to read in that week. I do have a couple of questions for you guys. I will be blogging my whole experience while doing the readathons that are coming up. Here is the question. Do you guys have an Instagram? if you do do you guys usually watch people’s insta stories? do you prefer Instagram or SnapChat? if I were to post a vlog to accompany the blog would you guys watch it? Because I did log the entire experience and I don’t know if that’s something that you guys would be interested in watching. I could always just link to the video itself and if you want to go watch it you can. I did keep an up-to-date on my Instagram on the stories and a few people watched it but I am interested in if you guys like Instagram insta stories.

So how the read-a-thon went the first day went okay I got two bucks done so I’m very happy with that accomplishment. I did get sidetracked by Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Sunday I went over to my boyfriend’s mom’s house because I was turning in some money for candy I was selling for my boyfriend’s brother. I ended up spending about 6 hours over there just hanging out and having fun with them. so my reading I only got maybe 2 hours of reading done that day but I didn’t time it. I have no regrets I love going over there and hang out with everybody. I was learning how to do cat’s cradle again.

so to conclude all of this I need to be way more hyperfocus when it comes to my redo fans. I need to set specific days to just sit down and read.

Until next time

Much love



17 thoughts on “Monday Madness – 24 in 48 Hour Read

  1. I did a readathon for the 2018 A to Z Reading Challenge this weekend too. Like you, I didn’t get as much reading done as I’d hoped as other stuff came up. I did finish a book and start another one though so not too bad. What other readathons are you going to be doing this year/coming months? (I’m always on the look out for new ones to take part in esp. this year as I’m doing both the A to Z challenge and Beat The Backlist). I am on Instagram but have never used the stories feature. I’ve never watched anyone else’s on there either. I tend to stick to just the normal photo posts.


  2. I’ve never participated in a readathon. It sounds like it would be fun. I do have an Instagram, but I don’t watch people’s stories.


  3. I have an Instagram account and I think I do follow you on there. But I have not really seen Instagram insta stories before, but I would love to watch your readathon stories on Instagram. I think it would be fun watching your stories on there. Do you know any long readathons they are going to give in Feb., because I can never too a short readathon but I would like to try a long one? Thank you so much for sharing!


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