Book Review – Arrow’s Hell

Hello, wonderlandians. Today I have a book review for you.

Let’s talk about the cover.

Arrow's Hell (Wind Dragons MC, #2)

I really enjoy this cover I really like that you can see the tattoo and all of its glory. They talk about the tattoo a lot in the book when they’re describing Arrows body. Now I’m a tattoo person myself I’ve got four and I’m about to get my fifth one in a couple of months so that should take care of my half sleeve. I really like how the cover really does focus on his tattoo and it’s all shaded in Black. It really makes the yellow of the title pop.


Now what I have to say about the actual book itself is while I did really enjoy the book. The narrators were amazing fantastic two of my favourite narrators of all times. a Sebastian York is just incredible and is my second favourite narrator of all time. Sadly he only read about one chapter out of the entire book.The girl did an amazing job. This book did jump 5 years in the future. Well, I don’t mind books kind of jumping to the Future it works but it doesn’t work. The events that have changed they’re oh so much is because of his girlfriend who died in the previous book Mary. It’s still haunted him 5 years later and while I can understand the fact that it does hunt Arrow I feel like there should have been more growth in 5 years. Now, this could just make me cold hearted but I feel like she was too much in this book. Now we have our new girl Anna who is a lot like Faye in a way she’s badass and doesn’t take s*** from anybody. She really had to fight her way into arrows heart which I feel like Faye had two in the last book.

That’s one thing that I think that the author got right about this book is making sure that our main girl was not too far away from the girl in the previous book. Yes their personalities are a lot different but there are enough similarities to where you don’t necessarily feel like you’re reading the same character because you’re not and that’s not what I’m saying you feel like you’re in the same universe and the author didn’t just throw you for a loop and make the girl a complete opposite from the first girl. I feel like a lot of authors when they go into writing books in the same universe and each book is told about a different character each character is so unlike the first one you’re kind of thrown for a loop or at least I know that’s how I feel. Because once we get to the third book in the series which I will have a review on your a lot more comfortable in the world so even if the character is completely different from the first two it’s a nice break. So Anna did have a lot of attributes of Faye that I really did like shouldn’t take crap from anybody and knew new how to be Scrappy. There was one thing that I really did like about Anna she ends up being rakes sister so it was really cute when Anna was kind of jealous of Faye because she felt Rake and Faye were closer than Rake and herself.

Now I don’t want to give too much away or too many spoilers because if y’all haven’t read Dragon’s Lair which is the first book in the series then you will be spoiled. yes it all ends very nicely. I would have to say that this is my 4th favorite out of the four books that I’ve read so far. definite read on Goodreads I gave it a 4 out of 5. The narrator’s were fantastic the writing was incredible. I just felt that Arrow beat himself too much over what happened with Mary because it wasn’t his fault. It took him way too long to come to that decision that it wasn’t his fault. But Anna and arrow are one of my favorite couples out of the whole series.

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