Book Review – Under Locke

Hello, my Wonderlandians! I must say before we get into this review it is going to be a long one so get some popcorn ready and some drinks and let’s get going. Also, there will be a new format for this book review. Sorry that I’m doing a lot of different formats to my book reviews lately. But y’all seem to be enjoying the ones that I’ve been doing so I hope you guys enjoy this one too. I am updating this post as I’m reading but since it’s a very big audiobook I think I will have to do this in days. Thus making it a really long review. sorry.

You know the drill let’s talk about this cover first.


(This is the audiobook edition cover.) 

I actually really enjoy this cover it’s something different period normally when an author is writing about a motorcycle club you see a hot guy with no shirt on he is typically got some kind of tattoo going on. There is a motorcycle somewhere in the picture not always but sometimes. I really enjoy the fact that the cover is a picture of a motorcycle wheel And then you got the pipes coming into. My inner photographer is just loving this shot. It is very well lit you can see the shininess on the Chrome. I love it. It’s different and I think that’s what made me Gravitate towards this book. Also, I’m on an MC kick so you know I’m trying to read all the empty books that I can. There is also another cover for the paper back edition. I will not be comparing that one as this is going to be a very long review. 


Day 1

This audiobook is 16 hours and at the time I am currently about 2 hours and 45 minutes in. the book is called under lock it is a motorcycle club story. If you guys can’t tell I’m kind of on an MC cook right now. This book is about a girl named Iris. She recently moved from Florida to Texas to live with her half-brother Sonny. She is having money problems so he hooks her up with a job at a tattoo parlour and she’s before manager for the tattoo parlour. I started when I was at work and I thought it would be a good way to pass the time. I will say that it took me about I’m on chapter 8 right now took me eight chapters to kind of get into the book. Sometimes I have found that the best books I have read it took me a little bit to get into. There was a book series called The Elemental Preservers Series by Alycia Linwood. It took me up 5 chapters to be able to get into that serious. One of the best series I’ve ever read hands down in my life.

We meet her boss Dex and right off the bat he’s really hot biker guys heavily-tattooed but he’s also a complete and utter douchebag in her mind. I swear to you that the first 8 chapters are about her in her mind talking about how she is a pushover she normally doesn’t let things get to her. she can let things go really quickly. There was an incident that happened but I’m not going to ruin it for you guys. I just found her to be really off-putting because to be completely honest she’s just whining a lot. The other half of the time that you’re listening or reading the book she’s talking about how hot Dex’s is or how much of a douchebag he is. Now I must say the series is starting to pick up and work kind of getting away or at least I hope we’re getting away from he’s so hot but he’s a douchebag I really want to hit him. I really can’t say much at this point because I am Old Man chapter 8 and 2 hours and 45 minutes into the audiobook. I have a feeling this is going to be a very long review.

Day 2

I am now about 4 to five hours into this book. I swear Iris just hates Dex because he is hot. Dex is the type of character that gives zero shits (well to most people) if he upsets you. Iris at this stage is pretty much a wet blanket. I get it though. She is scarred of being fired from her job. Dex was a bit of an ass when they first met. He called her a bitch but he was sorry. Honestly, I can’t stay mad at Dex. He is my favorite character so far in this book.

Day 3 and 4

On these two days, nothing really happened in this book. It was really more of the same old stuff complaining about how much of a dick Dex’s is. Then she’s completely fawning over him in her head saying how hot he is. Sadly this part of the book wasn’t really plot-driven. I mean there was literally nothing going on in the book.

Image result for nothing gif

Day 5

When I was listening to this book on day 5, in the beginning, it was a lot of the same nothing was really going on. Then when you enter the last half of the book like we’re talking the last 10 chapters that’s when things start to happen in the book. Our two main characters finally get together. There is some action going on.

Image result for really  gif

Day 6

It took me 6 days to finish this back. as I was going to finish this book things started to happen. The overall Arc point of this book did not happen until the 3rd to last chapter of this book. Which really drove me insane because at this point I honestly feel like nothing was really resolved. I really want to keep this a spoiler-free review in case anybody out there wants to actually read or listen to this book. overall my thoughts on this book are our main character Iris is really a whiny teenager. she is gone through so much stuff in her life but as soon as she gets around this badass biker dude she turns into A person who overall makes horrible decisions for her life. She’s constantly saying throughout the entire book that moving to Texas has turned her into a liar and somebody that she’s not. I understand wanting to do things for family members even if they’re stupid oh. She was just an overall over sensitive Girl.

Now don’t get me wrong there were a lot of cute Parts within this book. the cute things that have happened in this book and the very sexy scenes in this book. Which were steamy let me tell you were not enough for me to overlook everything else that this book had to offer. The epilogue in end of it didn’t really make sense it jumped a lot of years it was trying to wrap up nicely. It didn’t do it for me this book was a standalone so there are no more books in the series and if there were I would not be continuing with it. Overall I gave this book two stars and what was the Saving Grace of this book was I really like the narrator. I thought she did an amazing job I’ve never heard her read before. It sounded like she had a Southern accent when she was trying to do a northern accent her southern accent kind of slipped through which I thought was really cute.What really kept me going through this book was just the sheer curiosity of if it would pick up it didn’t and I was curious to see how it ended. The book didn’t satisfy me in the end.  do I feel like I wasted my time? The answer to that would be no. It was kind of an enjoyable read it didn’t really leave me wanting more So with this book I could have just taken It Or left it.

So this book overall gets meh for me.

Image result for meh  gif



If you guys have made it to the end of this review give yourself a cookie because you deserve it. As all thank you for joining me here in our little part of Wonderland. Please go see the unicorns on your way out and don’t forget to give them a treat. A free ride to anybody who’s made it the end of this review. Also, if you have made it to the end of this review comment saying I want a free ride with a unicorn.

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10 thoughts on “Book Review – Under Locke

  1. I am sorry that you didn’t enjoy this one! Sometimes it just is what it is, I think. Most of my friends love Mariana Zapata and I have a couple of books on my Kindle so I’ll be curious if I feel the same way!

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  2. The audiobooks take too much longer than reading, right? I still can’t understand how is it better then. I have read only 2-3 audiobooks and I have not been too happy. So I am just curious. Especially in a book olike this, where nothign happens and you are unhappy, how does it work?


    1. If I were to sit down and read the actually book it would have taken me over a month to finish the book. I finished it out of pure curiosity. I wanted to know how it ended. There were areas of the book that held real promise and I thought it was going to be a turn around for the book but it fell kind of short every time.

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  3. I’m so sorry this book didn’t work out for you. I love MC books, but it’s hard to find the really good ones right away. Is this book part of a series and are you planning on reading the rest of the series?


    1. No this book is not part of a series. Honestly I thought this book should have been part of a series and if it were I would have at least continue to the second book just to see how it would have continued. I think that was a bad part on the authors end. The book honestly had a lot of potential in my eyes. There were parts of it that I really did enjoy but I don’t know it just kind of fell a little short. 1 series that I loved was the wind dragons MC series. I have a review on the first book dragon’s lair. I’m still a little behind on getting the other reviews up 4 the other books in the series.


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