Cover Reveal – The Inheritance

Hello, wonderlandians. Today I have a  cover reveal for you guys. Thank you Xpresso Tours for letting me be a part of this cover reveal. As always it’s very much appreciated.

This book looks absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. After reading the synopsis of the book it’s definitely something with the right up my alley. First impressions just going off the synopsis of this book is it sounds similar to a book that I read recently. It was about a guy who had not 30 days but he had 6 months to find himself a wife. His inheritance was also on the line. What I like about the synopsis in this book is it clearly states that she’s not related to the man who left her his estate. So I am really excited to see where the twists and turns go into this book. The expected publication date for this book is February 6th, 2018. We are less than a month away. I’ve already added it to my Goodreads list.

  1. The Inheritance
    Mika Lane
    Publication date: February 6th 2018
    Genres: Adult, Romance

Life was good. I was tending bar, making enough to get by, paying my rent, and enjoying the occasional cocktail with my best friend gay boyfriend, Matty. And then I got the call. One of my customers had passed. The one who we nicknamed “Grandpa,” who’d watch us for hours from his seat at the bar, sucking on the same beer, never leaving a tip.

For some reason the old coot left me his estate. Huh? He looked like the last person in the world to have an “estate.” Well, did your mother ever tell you not to judge a book by its cover?

And thanks to good old Grandpa, it looks like I may never have to work again.

But of course there’s a catch. There’s always a catch. I only get Grandpa’s money if I’m 25 years old (check), and married (not checked; not by a landslide). And–I only have 30 days to pull this off.

I didn’t see how I could make it happen, until four eligible bachelors waltzed into my life. Then, I had a whole different set of problems…

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Author Bio:

Writing has been a passion of Mika’s since a young age (her first book was “The Day I Ate the Milkyway”), but erotic romance is now what gives purpose to her days and nights. She lives in magical Northern California with her own handsome alpha dude, sometimes known as Mr. Mika Lane, and an evil cat named Bill. A devotee of the intelligent and beautiful, and lover of shiny things, she’s a yogi, hiker, traveler, thinker, observer, and book worm. She has been known to drink cheap champagne and has way too many shoes.

A National Reader’s Choice Awards finalist, Mika always deliver a hot, sexy romp, often with imperfect characters, and a promised happily ever after (or at least happy for now).

She LOVES to hear from readers, and can be found at, and, when she’s not dreaming up naughty tales to share.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter



As always thank you for joining me here in our little part of Wonderland. Don’t forget to feed the Unicorn to treat on your way out. t\The last time I was over there I saw that there was a carnival going on. So stop by for free ride the popcorn.

Until next time

Much love




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