Monday Madness

Hello, wonderlandians! Thank you for joining me here today. How is your Monday night going? I came home from work and cleaned my apartment for two hours. Adulting is fun. I swear I have had more caffeine today than I have had all week. Getting to bed at 3 am when you have to get up at 6:30 in the morning is not a good idea. In my defence, though I had gotten into this really cool story. This caused me to look like a zombie. The result at the end of the day looks something like this

Related image

I have had a problem over the last few days where I have not wanted to read anything. This makes me turn to the internet to help me find something to distract me. I think I have been cramming in a lot of reading in these last two weeks. I have basically finished a book a day. Which is great though sometimes the mind needs a break. I have found that watching Youtube and taking a break from reading is a good thing. A lot of the books I have tried to read over the last few days have not held any interest at all to me. I found myself on wattpad last night at about 8pm. See this was my first mistake. I wanted to read something that I could skim over and make my eyes tired. Usually, when it comes to sites like wattpad and I tend to skim over the stories there. This time, however, I did not find any fanfiction on wattpad last night that help interest to me.

I fell down the rabbit hole of original stories on wattpad. It did not look good with everything that I had started reading. Then right as I was about to give up I found a dang story with over 35 chapters. I was reading that story for 8 hours and I am still not done. I want to finish this story tonight. It is called Midnight CEO. It is by a wonderful author on there named AluraJasmine.

I have not in a long while that down for 8 hours straight just to read one story. Typically I’m listening to an audiobook so I have the advantage of moving around while I’m listening to the book. I did find myself switching between my phone and my laptop to read this story. I believe the story has over 63,000 views on Wattpad. Going into the story you think it’s going to be one thing and then it turned out to be something completely different.

I know that there are a lot of authors on Wattpad that get a lot of heat for posting their stories there. I have read a lot of books that have started off on Wattpad and then got pulled to be cleaned up and then published traditionally or even self-published. I believe the book called Beautiful Bastard was started on Wattpad and then was pulled. That book has now been optioned for movie rights.

So I have a couple questions for you guys today. What do you guys think of Wattpad authors? what do you guys think of sites like Wattpad? have you found any good stories on Wattpad?

Thank you all for joining me here in our little part of Wonderland. Don’t forget to feed the unicorns on your way out. I saw that they were giving rides to anybody who gave them a treat. they’re also hanging out in the waterhole with some mermaids. They can be a little bit tricky so be careful around the mermaids.

Until next time

Much love



19 thoughts on “Monday Madness

    1. I really like the one I mentioned in the post. Other that her I am still really new to the plate form. I have had an account for years but have never used it. I will let you know when I find some good things.


  1. When I first started reading again, I had stumbled onto Wattpad somehow and found some delightful authors and some near misses. I think it is a lovely idea if the readers would keep from making petty comments.

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  2. I like the idea of Wattpad. However, I think it may hold some wonderful would-be published authors back. For example, I read one that I thought was pretty good. She had some nasty comments that weren’t helpful at all and it took her months to post anything else. Now the author may have been busy, but I can’t help but wonder how those comments influenced her. I also think it trains readers to expect people to share their art for free. I’m getting tired of this mindset.

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    1. As a photographer I understand the frustration. I get people asking me to take their pictures for free. The comments can be pretty nasty. I try not to read them. I get offended for the author. I also like to this of sites like WattPad as like training wheels for newbie authors.

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  3. When I struggle with reading I either switch to listening to an audio book or reread a favourite book. It usually helps drag me out of a slump.

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  4. Not tried Wattpad. I also don’t think I would function very well if I went to bed at that time and had to be up at 6.30. I just about manage to roll out of bed at 7am when I went to bed at 11. I need lots of sleep.

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    1. Same here. It was hard to function yesterday. Although, I did get lots of stuff done at work. I think being on so much caffeine made me so jittery that I had to get everything done yesterday. It was a weird day but super productive.


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