Jan Jam Jar

Hello, wonderlandians. Happy Sunday.  So today this post is late I know that it is I am sorry. Sundays are kind of my lazy days so posts are going to go up a little bit later and by a little bit later I mean a lot later. I have been really debating this past week on if I wanted to continue with the Jan Jam Jar series. I have not touched my first book that I picked out for this challenge in this past two weeks. I know for a fact I’m not in the mood to read that book right now. that’s okay though because the beauty of this challenges is I have a lot of books to read this month so after debating with myself and asking if it was really worth continuing I decided yes it was. So I went back to my jar and I picked out another book to read. You can see those pictures down below.


The book I ended up choosing was what if everyone knew your name. This is a choose your own destiny novel. This is the book that really solidified my love for reading. So I am so excited to read this I plan on doing a read-through of it twice. I would love to challenge myself to recreate the story that I did in high school and then I want to read it a second time and create a whole new story for the main character. I got this book at a time in my life when my OCD was starting to get really bad. I couldn’t really leave my house at the when I got this book and I remember being so bored one day that my mom was like go pick up a book to read. In my head, I’m like no reading is boring but I remembered I had this book and it was a choose your own destiny novel. I remember reading through this really quickly and then having to have the next one in the series. So in one of the pictures you see 8 of these books I have all 8 I am obsessed with them. This is a book series I will never get rid of I will pass it down to my children when they get older. You know when I have kids. So this is what I will be reading for the next week and then we’ll have another update next Sunday.

Until next time

Much love