Monday Madness

Hello, wonderlandians! It is Monday. . .

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Today’s topic is something that I have wanted to talk about for a bit. I keep seeing around the YouTube sphere and well as the Blog-o-sphere. There is a really interesting question that has been going around. It is about audiobooks. Are they real reading or not? If you listen to audiobooks does this make you not a real reader because you are not physically reading the book? These are the questions that I have been seeing. Everyone has really strong opinions on if this makes you a real reader.

As someone who listened to audiobooks almost exclusively over the better part of two year yes I say that I am real reader. I am consuming the same story just in a different format. You just have to make sure that you are getting the unabridged recording to audionbook. If you are getting the abridged version they are cutting out huge chunks of the story to cut down on the amount of listening time.

I guess I get somewhat mad when people say that listening to a book makes me not a real reader. When I wad a kid the only way I read was with an audiobook.

I really just wanted to get the converstation startm Let me onow waht you think. I will be making a more indepth post about this soon.

Thank you for joining me here in our part of wonderland. Don’t forget to feed the unicrons on your way out.

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7 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. I think this topic goes way beyond the whole audiobook debate. I think it has more to do with the feeling of being “more right” or “better” than someone else. For me, there just seems to be so many other topics that are more important than whether or not an audiobook counts as a book. I’m with you and I think it’s the same. I listen to audios when I have time. My only complaint is the narrator always reads slower than I can read so it takes longer.

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    1. This is true. I find myself speeding up the audiobook so they read faster. Interesting points. I do feel that some people think they are better because they don’t read listen to them. It was just something I have been seeing around a lot lately. You have brought up some really great points.


    2. Exactly! It is the same book, not like a movie version vs the book version. I don’t have an opinion or bias about them, but personally, and I have tried, but don’t enjoy the audiobooks as much as I do reading. It is so much slower and I feel a bit frustrated and limited by the narrator’s version of where the emphasis is placed on the words in a sentence. I am also visually oriented and tend to become distracted…

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  2. I will often switch from reading with my eyes to reading with my ears in the same book. It does not feel any different to me. I will not remember which part of the book I read and which part I listened to. So, I consider it reading absolutely. There are some books that are purposely more visual that would not translate well to audio. However, for the most part, I think they are interchangeable. I will say that I do not prefer the dramatized audiobook versions. To me that is more like listening to a play than a book.


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