2018 Audiobook Challenge – Set Up

Hello, my wonderlandians! Here is how I will be updating you all on my 2018 audiobook challenge. I have chosen the level of marathoner and that is where you try to read 50 + audiobooks this year. Now I am an avid audiobook listener. I tend to listen exclusively to audiobooks. This year though I’m trying to branch out and reads physical copies and some eBooks. This list is going to be broken up into months. At the end of every month, I will be updating you with monthly posts of all of the audiobooks I’ve listened to for that month. This is not going to be the total number of books that I’ve read for that month just specifically the audios. If you guys want to be updated on every book that I read for the month You guys can go follow me on Goodreads or I will be doing a blog post for all of the books I read in 2018. I will have specific categories for all of the challenges that I do this year but every challenge will be under one master category called 2018 reading challenges.

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Hope you all enjoy this post.

Thank you for joining me here in our little part of wonderland. Don’t forget to feed the unicorns on your way out. They are giving out free rides.

Until next time

Much love




20 thoughts on “2018 Audiobook Challenge – Set Up

  1. I’m such a visual learner that I feel like if I listened to an audiobook I’d tune everything out. Though it’s something I want to try. Good luck!


  2. I love listening to books, I have a long commute when I drive so I find I get a lot of listening time when Im driving. Also I find I get more stuff done around the house when I can listen to a book, instead of just sitting down with one. I also like your idea of a monthly blog post about the books you’ve listened to.


    1. Thanks! I think I will go with that then. You can do so much more when listening to the book. It is awesome. I find that I am not restricted. I love sitting down and reading a book. Don’t get me wrong. I have a lot to do. So this is the best way.

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  3. I have to listen mostly now due to my vision, but I love it. Blackstone is neat too because it’s like a movie.


    1. Blackstone? Is that a series? Who is the author? I will have to check it out. I have listen to them over the years because when I was a kid I was behind my reading level and it help with class assigments.


    1. I hated reading when I was a kid so to be able to do school assignments I would listen to them on my way to school or in the classroom when we had silent reading time. So I think over the years it has helped me. Plus, I had trouble with reading actual books. I am an auditory learner. What books have you listen to?

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      1. I liked hearing the handmaid’s tale and thirteen reasons why. There are few books I didn’t take too well.


    1. Thank you so much! I have not figured them all out. They good read and audiobook challenge are kind of one and the same to me. They count for both. Jam Jar. Sadly, I have yet to start on that book. What are all the challenges you are doing?


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