Monday Madness – 2018 Reading Challenges

Hello, my wonderlandians. Happy New Year!


How is your New Years Day going? I have been reading all day. I am taking a break so I can write this blog post for you. I have decided to do many different kinds of challenges this year. Are you guys doing any kind of reading challenges this year?

Number 1


So I am doing the Good Reads reading challenge.  I want to read 200 books this year. I am happy to say I have finished two books today.

Number 2


The Bad Boys of Romance Reading Challenge 2018

This one just looked fun.

Number 3


2018 Audiobook Challenge

I love audiobooks. This one is perfect for me.

Then I have made the announcement about the Jan Jam Jar challenge.

Thank you all for joining me here in our little part of wonderland. They unicorn love all the treats that you have been giving them. Keep it up.

Until next time

Much love



13 thoughts on “Monday Madness – 2018 Reading Challenges

  1. Wow 200 books. I am happy to pull off 100. I’m doing the Audiobook challenge and Goodreads challenge also.


  2. You are all over the challenge board. I’ve just stuck to doing the Goodreads. Can’t wait to see the reviews to come.


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