Monday Madness – 2018 Reading Challenges

Hello, my wonderlandians. Happy New Year!


How is your New Years Day going? I have been reading all day. I am taking a break so I can write this blog post for you. I have decided to do many different kinds of challenges this year. Are you guys doing any kind of reading challenges this year?

Number 1


So I am doing the Good Reads reading challenge.  I want to read 200 books this year. I am happy to say I have finished two books today.

Number 2


The Bad Boys of Romance Reading Challenge 2018

This one just looked fun.

Number 3


2018 Audiobook Challenge

I love audiobooks. This one is perfect for me.

Then I have made the announcement about the Jan Jam Jar challenge.

Thank you all for joining me here in our little part of wonderland. They unicorn love all the treats that you have been giving them. Keep it up.

Until next time

Much love



Jan Jam Jar – Picking out my first book!

Hello, my wonderlandians! I hope you guys are having an awesome New Year’s Eve night. I hope it is filled with lots of friends and family and love and unicorn magic all around you. I was doing my first pick of the year for the Jan Jam Jar challenge by Books and Munches. I picked out an awesome book called once a witch. This is a book that I’ve read many times before and it is going to be an awesome way to start the year off.

So if you guys keep scrolling down you will see the pictures of me picking out my book I don’t know what this is how I’m going to continue doing it in the future I was kind of at the last minute this paste take the pictures. since I am a photographer there are a lot of things that would be really cool to incorporate with this specific challenge in terms of what I can do photography wise with my Jam Jar. So I’m hoping that the next Set of pictures will be a little bit better and the lighting will be a little bit better too. But today I was with family and friends so I was kind of scrambling to get this blog post up by yeah I’m really excited for the new year.





Have you guys made any New Year’s resolutions? How about book resolutions for the new year? Do you guys have any idea of how many books you want to read for the new year? leave me a comment letting me know.

Thank you for joining me and our little part of Wonderland. As always don’t forget to feed the unicorns on your way out. Tonight they are throwing a party to welcome in the new year and everybody is welcome and treats are always welcome.

Until next time

Much love