JanJamJar Update – Happy Christmas Eve

Hello, wonderlandians! fdgfgdfg

I hope today is going good for you. This is post is pre-scheduled. I will be sleeping in. Trying to recover from a long night of reading and yesterdays day of work.

Here is my list of things that I need to do today!

  1. Sleep in
  2. Read some more
  3. Do my hair and makeup
  4. Get ready to go to church with my boyfriends family
  5. Go to my grandparents to open up presents
  6. Go home and sleep because Christmas is going to be BUSY! I have three house to get to in like a 12 hour span of time.


Today I wanted to give you an update about how my Jan Jam Jar reading challenge is coming together. If you guys want to know that the Jan Jam Jar challenge is please click here.

So I am putting together my jar for this challenge and I have 10 books far. I think I might be adding more. I know for a fact that in the first month of the year I usually read about 10 or more books. So I really want to aim high next year to really knocking all the books from my TBR.

I have decided that I will be posting updates on Sundays. Then the last day of the month is on a Wednesday and I will be making an extra post on that to wrap up the month.

Well this is all I have for you today. Have a happy and safe day.

Thank you for taking a break from your holiday fun and joining me here in our Wonderland. Fun fact did you guys know that it is actually unicorns that fly Santa sleigh? No, because that really wanted to keep their existence away from us humans. So if you feed them a treat they will grant you a wish, but they will also take you up for a ride.

Until next time

Much love


28 thoughts on “JanJamJar Update – Happy Christmas Eve

  1. I still have many books I wish I could have gotten to this year, but sadly there was not enough time. I am already making another long list for the new year… I never learn lol.


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