Monday Madness

Hello, my wonderlandians! It is Monday.


(MY CURRENT MOOD! When you really want to be in bed reading, but you need to make money to support you book buying addiction!) 

Seriously, though I hope you guys are off to a great start to your week! It is though Monday Madness at work. Phones are ringing off the hook (good thing trust me). What are you guys reading this week?

This weekend was a lot of fun. I got a lot of stuff done that I really want to get done. I got to watch the psych movie with my sister and my mom Friday night. I was decorating cookies on Saturday..giphy (2).gif

See decorating cookies. Then Sunday went shopping for presents. Then hung out with my boyfriends family all day. Which was really fun.

Tonight though is going to be so much as I am going to see…giphy (3).gif

I am so excited. Now do you guys what a review on this movie? I have seen ever Star Wars movie. The last one I had a lot of thoughts on. Of course it will be a SPOILER FREE review. I might just do it. It’s going to make this Monday worth it.

Tell me what you guys are doing today? Have you seen Star Wars yet? Let me know.

Thank you guys for joining me here in our part of wonderland. don’t for get to feed the unicorns on your way.

Until next time

Much love


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