Tag Tuesday – The Winter Tag

Happy Tuesday my wonderlandians. I hope your day started by a unicorn taking you to work. Mine did not start that way at all. I got up and had to defrost my car. I do this every morning lately. Snow. SMH. I am here with another tag for you. This time it is The Winter Tag.  Please enjoy.

1. What books are you hoping to get to this winter?

I don’t usually keep a TBR for winter. I usually just look at my books and see which one catches my eyes, but if I get gift cards for Christmas like I do every year. I will just go to amazon see what looks good buy those and read them. Everything else gets put on the back of the TBR list. Although, there are three books that I really want to get to by the end of the year. The dueology of Once a Witch, Always a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough. I try to read her books at least once a year. These have slowly become a tradition for me to read either at the end of the year or just right after the new year. Of course, I want to get to Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. These are the three books I want to get to.

2. Which character’s personality is as cold as ice?

Alistair Knight from Once a Witch, Always a Witch series. He is such a jerk. I will not go into detail. You really need to read the books. If you guys want more info on the books. They were mentioned in my Top Three Thursday blog post. So go check it out.

He is just so nasty.

3. Winter is a time for gift giving. What has been your favorite book you’ve received as a gift?

When I was younger I got this book from my grandma. I still have it. It was a red velvet cover of The Secret Garden. I have not read it. I have tried. It is my favorite book. I also got a book from her of  The Velveteen Rabbit my cat sadly destroyed that one.  She was old and peed all over it. My bookshelves were really close to grown and she got up there and peed.  She was old like 20 years old and could no longer find her litter box. It is really sad.

4. With Christmas and New Year it’s party season, but which character would you least like to get stuck talking to at a party?

Toby Pilgrim from Geek Girl. I feel really bad saying that. He is such a sweet character even though he does stalk the main character. He is one of those nerdy guys that had to correct you on everything. It drives me crazy. Therefore he would be my choice.

5. If you celebrate Christmas… Do you have any Christmas traditions? How do you spend the day?

Picking out our family tree

Making cookies

Going to my boyfriend’s mom’s house to make ornaments

We spend Christmas Eve with my grandparents. Opening up presents. Then Christmas day with my family. This year is going to be a bit different because I have moved out with my boyfriend.

6. Favourite Christmas film, TV special & song?

Home Alone


Anything by Michael Bublé and The Happiest Christmas Tree by Nat King Cole.


As always, thank you for joining me here in our little part of Wonderland. If you want a wish granted please stop by and feed the unicorns.

Until next time.

Much love


6 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday – The Winter Tag

    1. HEY!!! Yes we do exist. Lol. I have been doing it my whole life. We open presents with my dads side of the family Christmas Eve. I could send one of my vampires to intimidate your husband into letting you open presents on Christmas Eve. Lol. Thank you for your comment!


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