Saturday = 24hr Read-a-Thon

Hello, wonderlandians. Happy Saturday! I hope your’s is going good. I will be spending most of my Saturday work. In truth though I have to say working a Saturday is not bad. I actually love working Saturdays. As weird as that sounds. The atmosphere at my work is insanely different from the work week. Its like yea we are at work but it is the weekend so we are going to rock out the day and make it the best day of the week ever. Also, the day goes by so quick.

You guys didn’t come to read about my work day. Although, it is really exciting. No you are here to read about the read-a-thon I am doing.  The is a lovely BookTuber by the name of ReadByZoe or on Twitter she is know by her name zoeherdtShe started these 24 hour read-a-thons a couple of months back and probably had done about three of them. I have missed all of them. This one that is happening today on Saturday, Dec. 9th. I just happen to be working. So I will not be able to participate until after my work day. Which has me a little upset. This is not going to stop me from doing it though. I have modified the read-a-thon so I can take full advantage of the 24 hours. 

I get out of work at 5pm. I figure if I start my time at 6pm on Saturday night and run it until 6pm Sunday night I get my full 24 hours. This leaves me with 6 hours of the actual read-a-thon left.

Ok so this is all I have for you. I will be blogging about my experience tomorrow after it is done. Actually, now that I think about it I might just write some notes as I am going about it. I will also be vlogging my experience with the read-a-thon.

As always thank you for joining me in our small part of wonderland. Sadly, the unicorns are sleeping today as it is Saturday. Maybe just maybe if you go to them with treats they will grant you a wish.

Much love


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