What I Am Reading Wednesday

Hello, my wonderlandians! I guess the real question of this week is…what am I not reading. Last Sunday I finished 4 audiobooks in one day. In one day! I have never before done that before. The most audiobooks I have listened to in a was maybe 2.

It seems lately all I really want to be doing is reading. In truth, this could be because I am looking to escape the real world. Stress. Oh well, you are not here to read about my stress. You are here to read about what I am currently reading.  Today is my day off from work so I am listening to a lot of things. I really want to hit 4 more books today.

Currently, though I am reading a book called The Hot One by Lauren Blakely. Two of my favorite narrators have come together to read this book and I swear it is pure magic. The two people I am talking about are Andi Arndt and Zachary Webber. While they read some books together from what I have seen not to many, but they are just magic their voices I love it. Sorry, not trying to get mushy but I can’t help it! They are amazing.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00023]

Also, can we just talk about this book cover? It is hot. Covers like this for this kind of book I really like. You don’t see his face. This gives me a chance to imagine what the man character of the guy looks like.

I will have to update you later on my full thoughts on\ this book.

You kind find the book here. I might be biased but I really recommend the audiobook.

Audible –  http://bit.ly/thehotoneaudiobook

Amazon – http://bit.ly/thehotonebook

Thank you all for joining me here in wonderland today. The unicorns have been granting wishes all day since it is a holiday! So make sure to stop and give them treats.

Much love







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